SunStation is the first 24/7 100% solar power station for home power backup and for charging electric vehicles. Its high-efficiency solar panels produce the maximum power with the minimum footprint. All of the SunStation's power comes directly from the sun, so you no longer have to rely on fossil fuels to provide home electrical backup or to charge electric vehicles. With SunStation, everywhere is a green location!

Unlike other solar charging-stations, SunStation can be used at any time of the day. Thanks to its integrated battery storage you can power your house 24/7 during outages or charge an electric car on cloudy days and even at night. SunStation also outputs power at the highest charging standard- 240 V AC for charging electric vehicles and 120 VAC for home.

SunStations are ideal for many other applications including:

  • Off-grid power
  • Remote power
  • Electric grid local storage
  • Emergency power in disaster zones
  • Home power generation
  • Installers

    Jersey Solar is our exclusive installer for the NJ area! Jersey Solar installs residential and commercial solar electric systems. They are an authorized dealer for SunPower panels and have been installing battery backup systems in homes since 2001.