NASA 360 Video Featuring DFD

NASA 360 has published a video on our Fusion-Enabled Pluto Explorer NIAC grant. The video uses audio from my talk in August with great visuals of Pluto and our rocket models!

We are thrilled that NASA likes our work enough to invest in this video. Thank you, NASA!

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About Stephanie Thomas

Ms. Thomas is vice president of Princeton Satellite Systems. She manages technical programs for the Air Force and participates in corporate management of the company. Ms. Thomas has been with PSS since her first internship as an MIT undergraduate in 1996!

One thought on “NASA 360 Video Featuring DFD

  1. To whom it may concern,

    I am interested in applying the optimum propulsion system technology to future deep space exploration including a possible return mission to Pluto.

    I would like to draw your attention to applicable new research undertaken by Professor Leif Holmlid involving ultra-dense hydrogen and its decay into near light speed charged particles and neutral fragments

    Leif Holmlid
    Professor emeritus
    Atmospheric Science
    Department of Chemistry
    University of Gothenburg
    Phone: +46(0)31-7869076

    for his profile.

    This potential propulsion technology has many advantages over fusion propulsion in that it requires no superconducting magnets and associated support equipment.

    The triggering mechanism for this reaction is a 200 mJ laser pulse-energy. This research may be able to produce electric power in addition to high energy near light speed particles. Holmlid has just released a paper describing his latest research.

    Realizing that weight is a critical factor in deep space probe design, besides a supply of hydrogen, this potential technology will result in a absolute minimum weight solution to the structure of future deep space probes.

    This research is hard to beleive but I am sure that Leif or one of his associates will demonstrate his experiment to a any seriously interested party.

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