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The Spacecraft Control Toolbox (SCT) for MATLAB® lets you design, analyze and simulate spacecraft. This product is used worldwide by leading research and development organizations and spacecraft manufacturers. Over two thousand functions are provided for attitude and orbit dynamics, simulation, analysis and design. You can build a satellite using the graphical CAD tools; design and analyze the control systems; perform disturbance analyses and test the control system in a six degree-of-freedom simulation - all in the MATLAB environment. The toolbox is provided with full source code for every function, nothing is hidden!

Proven in Flight

Princeton Satellite Systems has used this toolbox over the past 15 years to design the complete Indostar/Cakrawarta-1 transfer and geosynchronous attitude control systems; the TDRS momentum management system; formation flying systems for NASA/GSFC and on many other projects. Many of the tools are the product of our own research and development and are not available anywhere else!

Extensive documentation is included such as our 500 page theory textbook, Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Control. The User's Guides can be downloaded for free from the product pages or below.

Toolbox Organization

The toolbox is available in two editions: the Academic Edition is suitable for undergraduate and graduate attitude control system design and analysis; the Pro Edition includes additional software for estimation and Kalman filters, orbit mechanics and mission analysis, and link, propulsion, and thermal analysis. Add-on modules are available to the Pro Edition for formation flying, fusion propulsion, launch vehicles, solar sails, and spin-axis attitude determination in a transfer orbit. Click on the product names in the table below to navigate to the relevant pages. Please see our comparison document for details about the differences between our spacecraft toolbox products.

Professional Products
SCT Professional Edition
Formation Flying Module
Fusion Propulsion Module
Launch Vehicle Module
Solar Sail Module
Spin Axis Attitude Determination Module
Educational Products
Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Control textbook
Companion Tutorial App for Textbook (requires MATLAB 2012b or later)
SCT Academic Edition
CubeSat Toolbox
  • API: View our online API which contains the headers for every function and demo in the toolbox!
  • User's Guide: Download the Professional Edition User's Guide here.
  • Getting Started: We also have a Getting Started sheet.
  • Software License Agreement: Here you can find a copy of the Princeton Satellite Systems software license agreement.
  • Professional Edition: Webpage containing detailed information on software features including tech briefs and demos for download.
  • Academic Edition: Webpage containing detailed information on the Academic Edition including its own API and User's Guide
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  • Download Site: Location where customers can download their products. You will need your username and password.

Additional Information

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact our engineers with specific questions. For quotes and other purchasing questions please send and email with your questions to: Spacecraft Control Toolbox Inquiry