Spacecraft Control Toolbox

The Spacecraft Control Toolbox (SCT) for MATLAB® lets you design, analyze and simulate spacecraft. This product is used worldwide by leading research and development organizations and spacecraft manufacturers. Over two thousand functions are provided for attitude and orbit dynamics, simulation, estimation, analysis and design. You can build a satellite model using the graphical CAD tools; design and analyze the control systems; perform disturbance analyses and test the control system in a six degree-of-freedom simulation – all in the MATLAB environment.

SCT Pro includes the software in the Academic and CubeSat editions and allows for the addition of add-on modules.

SCT Pro includes the software in the Academic and CubeSat editions and allows for the addition of add-on modules.

The toolbox is available in three editions: Professional, Academic, and CubeSat. The Pro Edition provides comprehensive software and extensive examples for designing any spacecraft control system, anywhere in the solar system. Add-on modules are available to the Pro Edition for formation flying, fusion propulsion, launch vehicles, solar sails, and spin-axis attitude determination in a transfer orbit. The Academic Edition is a subset of the Pro software that is intended for undergraduate and graduate level attitude control system design and analysis. The CubeSat Toolbox is our entry level product that has been specially designed for CubeSat teams.

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  • Access the online API on our support site for documentation for all of the functions and demos in the toolboxes.
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Our software license is perpetual and includes complete source code. All PSS products include 90 days of free telephone support and one year of free email technical support and product updates. PSS will create custom scripts and add new functionality at user request. Annual maintenance fees provide software updates and additional technical support. Your purchase of the Professional or Academic Editions includes access to our comprehensive textbook, Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Control. The Spacecraft Control Toolbox is EAR99 and generally does not require an export license, however an export check will be performed for all international customers. For complete license details, refer to the Software License Agreement.


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