sunstationSunStation combines solar panels with high-density lithium ion batteries, creating a standalone solar generator that operates 24/7. This is an ideal backup system for home owners and businesses; the solar panels charge the lithium battery bank and then provide power to your home or business, saving you money every day! When the grid goes down, a transfer switch disconnects your home from the grid, enabling your panels to continue to operate. The battery bank provides power when the sun isn’t shining. Our base model SunStation can power your lights, refrigerator and your heating system.

Lithium ion batteries require no maintenance and provide exceptional storage capacity. Your SunStation will be compact, quiet, and power your home effortlessly for many years!


SunStation Models

The base model pairs a 12 panel, 3 kW solar PV array with four batteries totaling 7.2 kWh of storage. The extended model increases the solar to 6 kW and the batteries to 14.4 kWh. Larger solar arrays and battery packs can be purchased depending on your needs.

This recent installation in Princeton, NJ has 7.2 kW of solar panels with a 14.4 kWh battery bank. It can power everything in the house except the air conditioning! The homeowners also use it to charge their Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius Plugin. Note that the batteries are in the cabinet on the right, which can be housed in a closet or utility room if the home doesn’t have a basement.

solar panels on the roof and installed equipment boxes in the basement

SunStation in August

The following figure shows power generated by a  SunStation in August. Over twice as much power goes to the grid as is drawn from the grid.

bar chart




SunStation on a Sunny February Day

The following figure shows power generated by a  SunStation on a sunny February day. The system sold almost six times as much power as it bought!

Is Solar Right for Me?

The available roof area, orientation of your home and shading determine the suitability of your house for solar. South-facing roofs are best. You can easily use Google Earth to determine how your roof is oriented. Contact us for help estimating the power your SunStation could produce.

The website, GoingSolar, has an excellent page for rebates The website has extensive information to help you decide if solar is right for you

Other good resources are Bob’s Solar Power Hobby Site and Bankrate that discusses solar system financing.

Download our the home back-up product brochure for more information or send us a request using the form below. You can check out Lets Go Solar for more information about solar systems. Also view  Does solar increase my home’s value to see the benefits of solar when you sell your house.