Research and Development

At Princeton Satellite Systems, we love a good research project! You can see from our blog posts and products  that our interests range from interplanetary space missions to student-built CubeSats, iPhone apps  to homegrown solar power systems. All of our research contracts utilize our commercial software products, and we integrate our results back into our software. Use the Research menu to see posts associated with some of our ongoing projects, including Direct Fusion Drive (DFD) and attitude control systems.

Past Phase II SBIR and STTRs:

  • Superconducting Coils for Small Nuclear Fusion Rocket Engines, NASA (2017)
  • Precision ACS, Army (2015)
  • Reconfigurable Satellite Planning Tool, Navy (2010)
  • Space Threat Detection, Air Force (2010, 2011)
  • Multiple Missile Interceptors, Missile Defense Agency (2008)
  • Autonomous Optical Navigation, NASA (2007)
  • ACS Simulation and Training Tool, Air Force (2003)
  • Decentralized Framework for Formation Flying, NASA (2003)
  • Autonomous Satellite Servicing, Air Force (2002)
  • TEAMAgent, Air Force (1999)
  • ObjectAgent, Air Force (1998)

Other major research/development contracts:

  • Fusion-Enabled Pluto Orbiter, NASA NIAC (2016)
  • VisualCommander Architecture for Technical Assessment, Air Force (2009)
  • PRISMA Cooperative Research, Swedish Space Corporation (2005)
  • Indostar/BSat ACS, Orbital Sciences (1996)