NASA NIAC Phase II selected!

We received notice today, March 31, 2017, that our NASA NIAC Phase II proposal was selected for award! We will be able to continue working on the Direct Fusion Drive with PPPL for two more years. Hooray! Dr. Joseph Minervini of MIT will be joining our team to help advance our understanding of the trade space for the superconducting coils, using the very latest data from high-temp superconductor manufacturers. It’s going to be exciting research!

Here’s a link to NASA’s official project summary.

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Ms. Thomas is vice president of Princeton Satellite Systems. She manages technical programs for the Air Force and participates in corporate management of the company. Ms. Thomas has been with PSS since her first internship as an MIT undergraduate in 1996!

3 thoughts on “NASA NIAC Phase II selected!

  1. Congratulations to you Sam and the rest of your team Stephanie!
    The MIT has been doing some excellent work on the matter of HTSCs in fusion reactors (I have been following the work done by Dennis Whyte his team with great interest). So I am looking forward to some exciting results from your new research! Will you be presenting your latest work at the next NIAC symposium?
    Glad that you are getting more funding and exposure and congrats again!

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